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Kilikio comes from the word “κυλικειο”, the banquet table in ancient Greek

At Kilikio, you will find a fine selection of premium and organic Mediterranean food from Greece, made from quality raw materials, handcrafted with great care to ensure exceptional taste and well-being of one’s health. KiliKio collects products from all over Greece, including numerous islands, where many artisans of taste have kept their traditional manufacturing methods intact, offering small yields with dense and unique quality.

The following is the line of premium Greek products at KiliKio:

  • Organic oranges, lemons, kiwis & avocados.
  • Herbal infusions & dry rusks from Crete.
  • Black olives & olive oil from Peloponnese
  • Smoked peppers & honeys from northern Greece.
  • Leaves of capers, & Cycladic fava.
  • Figs and honey from the island of Euboea.
  • Wide selection of wines and distils, Raki, Ouzo.

All in all, more than 600 references selected and imported by a duo of enthusiasts, Kritonas Poulis and Stavros Seretis, for your service. You can shop with us online or you can choose to visit our Greek food grocery store on the below mentioned days and time:

From Monday to Friday: Between 15.30h and 20.30h

And, on Saturday: Between 12h and 20.30h