Not all cities could offer you good quality and hand-brewed caviar food items as it is not easily available or even widely marketable. Caviar has been associated with Greek culture since the time immemorial, making it lifeline for the people of this land. Our Condiments products include eggplant caviar with smoked tea, caviar fillet of red pepper and red pepper/grape sauce, which will add great flavour to your cuisine, irrespective of any region.

A food is never just a product, but a dear to our heart. Filling your kitchen cabinets with some limited version of Caviar condiments always makes you stand apart. Kilikio takes pride in being your one and only provider of caviar-made premium quality Greek food products for a very reasonable price.

About Kilikio – Kritonas and Stavros are two friends, who mutually, after years of exploring and experimenting foods that represent Greek tradition and culture, they opened Kilikio. We feel privileged bringing you the essence of Greek culture and traditions through carefully chosen products that stand out for their unique recipes and excellent quality.

You can blend it with any of your ethnic cuisines and the taste is always premium. With unsurpassable taste and delicacies, Kilikio Condiments products have a range of health benefits too. Chefs, over many generations, have been using Caviar sauces and red pepper in their special dishes, satisfying the souls of many.

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