Dakos/Dry Rusks

Dakos dry rusk is one of the most celebrated food items in Greek, for it is not only delightful, but it represents the essence and richness of Greek culture. Dakos salad becomes almost a mandatory if you are dining out in Greek even for one day. Prepared out of hard rusk barley, mixed with sourdough, salt and water, Dakos lives in the tongue as well as memory of the gobbler.

Kilikio takes absolute pleasure in bringing you the rich taste of Dakos through our fastest and secured delivery service. We are not ‘just another online food provider,’ but extremely passionate and specialized professionals in Greek foods.

Kritonas and Stavros are specialized in exploring, experimenting and brewing the unique Greek food for you. Food is even better when served uniquely and with care. Kilikio practices the sophisticated food serving ritual given our packaging is always spot on and delivery is what makes you opt for us right away.

This product is a traditional Cretan dry bun-rusk with carob flour, delicately roasted, naturally low in gluten. Dakos, since forever, has been a top choice amongst chefs. Irrespective of any dish of any region around the world, Dakos makes a special niche for itself.

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