Greek Gift Set

The best gift ever it could be – KILIKIO Gift Set. It consists of Extra virgin olive oil, DAKAKI with carob flour, TAPENADE of artisanal olives, mountain tea (Sideritis), BRUYERE HONEY and PASTELLI. The origin of each of these products is Greece, prepared and packed with care by Kilikio. Each of the products mentioned above has its individual essence and delicacy. Greek has always been the landscape of organic herbs and spices, but amongst all, Olives being dominant.

While our Extra virgin olive oil is from Peloponnese, Dakaki is the traditional Cretan dry buns blended with carob flour. This apart, if we talk about the mountain tea, Pastelli, and Bruyere honey – they all contain both taste and health beneficial elements.

To know, experience and feel Greece, there is no better way than gobbling on Greek foods. What makes Kilikio a perfect choice here is its uniqueness in picking organic raw materials and brewing them into something that one will cherish for a lifetime.

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