Tangerine Peel Jam

Make your breakfast more delicious and healthy with Kilikio organic Chios tangerine jam. At Kilikio, we bring to you delicious and tasty marmalade made with organic mandarins cultivated on the island of Chios, known for its citrus fruits. We use only the highest quality freshly picked fruits that make our products unique and tasty. Our Chios tangerine peel jam is filled with the taste of real fruit with less sugar and has no preservatives or dyes.
Mandarin fruit is famous for its rich taste and flavors. It is utilized in various products due to its amazing benefits. It is considered as a diuretic fruit with purifying and detoxification effects on your body. This organic fruit Marmalade has a perfect combination of sugar, tangerine, lemon juice and mandarin. So, have delicious tea time with your family and friends with our Chios Tangerine Peel Jam on dakakis or with kritsinis.

About Kilikio
Kilikio was set up by two friends Kritonas and Stavros, after researching and exploring the food representing the Greek tradition and culture. Kilikio brings the essence of Greek culture and tradition for our valuable customers with our exclusive Kili Kio condiments recipes. Place your order to satisfy your craving for tasty and organic fruit Marmalade.

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