Greek Olive Oil

Olive oil extracted from the first young green olive of the year is only found in Greece. Greece has always been known for its natural beauty, heritage and especially the herbs and the spices. It’s believed that the world is envious of the beauty Greece has in its food products – whether it be the olive oil or spices made with the organic edible raw materials – this country dominates when it comes to giving your cuisine the delightful touch.

Kilikio, on the other hand, takes great pleasure in bringing you the premium quality olive oil from the land of Greece.

Kritonas and Stavros, two best friends who turned founders of Kilikio later, have been to many countries in the world, exploring, tasting, and experimenting various forms of food products and their application in different cuisines from around the world. Kilikio Cretan extra virgin olive oil has been accepted and applied by top chefs, and appreciated for its easy blend with all types of cuisines.

Organic new harvest Greek Olive oil as well as olive oil from the Peloponnese are best served with a plate of freshly steamed vegetables.

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