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Tahini – Sesame Seed Spread

Tahini is a unique delicious paste made of ground sesame seed which is used in Greek and Middle Eastern Cuisines. In Greece, Tahini is mostly used as a spread on bread, for making sandwiches and gourmets. It is a versatile paste that can be served as a dip or used to create tahini-based sauces like hummus, topping for vegetables and meat.

At Kilikio, we bring two savoring varieties of organic Greek Tahini – Roasted Tahini Kilikio and White Tahini Kilikio. The products are made of sesame seeds which are rich in high fibers, minerals as well as include magnesium, iron, and zinc. Our organic Greek Tahini is processed under unique and original mechanical process to keep all the nutritional qualities of sesame and contains no added salt or chemical additives.

At Kilikio, we offer premium quality Greek products to our valuable customers who really understand the value of original taste. Greek tahini is used around the world by top chefs and appreciated for its unique and delicious taste. Check out our organic Greek Tahini and place your order to add a new pinch of taste in your culinary. We assure you to provide a safe and secure transaction process with fast shipping services.