Wafers – Traditional Pies

It is really a challenging task for parents to feed their children with healthy snacks with delicious taste. The situation has become worst for working parents as they always need an easily available healthy snack to maintain their child’s energy. At Kilikio, we understand your requirements and bring nutritional and healthy wafer snacks options to you that you can have at tea time or pack in your kid’s lunch for healthy snack time.

Our wafers are made of fruits cultivated in the fifth largest islands of Greece called Chios. The island is well-known for producing citrus fruit especially the mandarin and also for cultivating dried sun-drenched fruit. At Kilikio, we bring a wide range of tasty wafers varieties packed with delicious and organic products of Greece like masticha, mandarin, sesame, quince, etc.

Each ingredient in our products has its own benefits like Masticha is enriched with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that make it a perfectly healthy and delicious snack for your children. On the other hand, Quince is filled with high fiber and vitamin C, and its calorie intake is low.

Our all wafers products are made of 100% natural ingredients without adding any preservatives, dyes or additives. At Kilikio, we endeavor to bring premium quality products derived from the original fruits of Greece. So, have your Healthy Wafer Snacks and enjoy your delicious break time!

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