organic Mediterranean food

Kilikio is the manufacturer and retailer of authentic and organic Greek foods. Having been established in the year of 2014 by Kritonas Poulis and Stavros Seretis, Kilikio’s been growing and providing organic Mediterranean food to its country people (i.e. France.

Kilikio has always wanted to offer real flavor and wholesome found in the glut of Greek foods to the people living in USA, UK and France, of course. However, the challenge was that nearly all Greek food companies are family run, which makes it more difficult to export and distribute to the world. For Greek foods being extremely authenticated and true to original flavour, other country people have limited access to it.

Kilikio deals in condiments to olive oil to herbs for the best price. Ever since we came in full force to the market, we have got a growing consumer base in each country. Each of our products has got originality assurance, and this is exactly what we wanted for our customers.

Features that set Kilikio apart

No additives or preservatives

As a company, which is true to its ethos, we never apply preservatives in any of Kilikio food products. Both of us believe that food is meant to be wholesome and as natural as wished-for. Kilikio lives by its company motto, which is delivering wholesome Greek foods.

Straight sourcing and value pricing

There are no third parties dealing with the sourcing of our organic Mediterranean food. We assure you of our round-the-clock, extensive presence in Greece. From real-time monitoring of the sourcing until the materials are packaged and transported to France, we make sure there are no mix-&-match games going on.

Premium packaging

Kilikio strives to offer the genuine bounty of Greek’s farmlands to the world buyers with fascinating modern and playful packaging that combines elegance and design for our delicious Greek food products.

Our traditional and authentic food collection and production methods

Kilikio has an ultra-millenary and solid foundation that fall in the rich territory of Greece. Greece’s land has always been an essential reference for its own people. Greece is surrounded by sea and comprised of thousands of islands. The country is known for its wide-range foods that can satisfy one’s eclectic choice for organic foods.

Greek Food Products are Worth A Try

At Kilikio, one can find an all-inclusive range of genuine and organic Greek products for the best price. We two friends have always taken interest in innovating our line of products, so you don’t feel monotony while shopping from us.