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Balsamic Wild Laurel


The spear-shaped leaves of the laurel give off a very pronounced aroma when broken because they are rich in essential oil. The fruits are also well provided. It is this oil that gives the shrub recognized medicinal properties. The laurel became a symbol of victory in Greco-Roman antiquity where it was dedicated to Apollo. Braided in the crown, he honored poets and victorious generals, so today it is said that one must not fall asleep on one’s laurels.

Composition: Balsamic Wild Laurel
Variety AOC / Origin: Greece
Net weight: 10g


The leaves of Laurel contain an essential oil representing 1 to 3% of dry weight. Laurel has an antiseptic, antiviral, and bactericidal action as well.

Chef’s Council
Use it to flavor all of your southern recipes. The laurel sauce is essential to the bouquet garni. This herb is best used with the soups having tomato and ratatouille. It is also perfect for flavoring marinades. Its scent develops while simmering: it is, therefore, very well suited to cooking with stew and dishes having stew. This herb can complement the taste of pâtés, too.

Its fresh or dried leaves give off a marked aroma when crumpled or broken. Do not hesitate to slip this herb into your court-bouillons and generally in the cooking water (pasta, rice, etc.).
Remember to slip a leaf into a bottle of vinegar or olive oil for flavoring it subtly. Finally, get some laurel branches to replace the wood or metal spikes of your skewers—that is an original way to perfume them.