Caviar fillet of red peppers grilled over a wood fire


Caviar of red pepper fillets, produced only with natural ingredients, without dyes, without preservatives.

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Caviar fillet of red peppers grilled over a wood fire

Caviar of red pepper fillets, prepared only with natural ingredients, without any dyes or preservatives.Organic product.
Caviar fillet of red peppers grilled over a wood fire
This delicious sauce will soon be a classic of your kitchen!

The Naoumidis family is based in Florina, the “capital” of pepper in Greece. The peppers of Florina are famous for their exceptional taste and richness, sun-dried and organic. They are grown at an altitude, with a very dry microclimate. Traditional techniques are associated with modern approaches to protect their flavor and the land’s biodiversity.
The red pepper fillets were grilled over a wood fire and then cooked for several hours to obtain an ideal concentration of taste.
Ingredients are 100% natural and organic, and no preservatives, dyes or additives were used.

Composition: Red peppers grilled over a wood fire, extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar
Variety AOC / Origin: Florina, Greece
Net weight: 260g

Pepper has antioxidant properties and a contribution of vitamins A and C.
Chef’s Council:
Perfect for your aperitifs, to accompany your dakaki or kritsini , or on grilled country bread rubbed with garlic.
Our favorite version: A carob dakaki, a teaspoon of this red pepper fillet caviar, and finally a caper leaf…delicious!
This red pepper fillet caviar can also be paired with galomizithra cheese. The whole is perfectly balanced between the acidity of the cheese and the almost sweet side of ripe red peppers.

You can also use this sauce in your pasta recipes, with rice, as a side dish with a meat and a pan of vegetables.
Finally, it is perfect for preparing delicious salads. What we recommend is: florine pepper filet caviar, the couscous of our producer Antonopoulos, some pieces of dried figs , the Cretan cheese galomizithra , and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil .
A delight ! Ultra-easy, prepared in advance, this salad makes life easier!

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