Chios Tangerine Jam


Tangerine jam, produced only with natural ingredients, no dyes, no preservatives.

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Chios tangerine jam
Tangerine jam is produced with 100% natural ingredients, without dyes, without preservatives.
Chios tangerine jam
With a traditional recipe, ingredients of excellent quality and expertise of an exceptional producer makes this jam delightful to your taste buds
Our producer Citrus is located at the island of Chios; known since the ancient times for its crops, and especially that of masticha, and also for its delicious fruits.
The Mandarine of Chios, famous for its very rich taste, of a quality that is compared to the mandarin of Sicily. It conquers immediately all those who have the chance to taste it!
This jam was made with 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives.
Composition: Sugar, tangerine, lemon juice
Variety AOC / Origin: Chios, Greece
Net weight: 380g
Mandarin is a diuretic fruit, depurative and revitalizing.
Chef’s Council:
As an aperitif, you can use it to accompany a hard cheese with a slightly pronounced taste, a sweet and savory appetizer for the best effect!
Chios tangerine jam is also delicious at tea time, on our dakakis or with kritsinis.