Chios Tangerine Peel Jam


Deep jam with tangerine peel, made only with natural ingredients, no dyes, no preservatives. Greek traditional recipe.

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Chios tangerine peel
Deep jam with tangerine peel, this delicacy is made only with natural ingredients, without any dyes, or preservatives. Greek traditional recipe!
Chios tangerine peel
This traditional and timeless Greek sweetness can accompany you throughout the year!
The producer Citrus is based on the island of Chios, known since ancient times for its crops, especially that of masticha, and also for its delicious fruit.
The mandarin of Chios, famous for its rich taste, it resembles the mandarin of Sicily, immediately conquers all those who have the chance to taste it!
The glyko tou koutaliou, or “spoon sweet” is a traditional sweet in Greece; it is served for many occasions, very characteristic of Greek culture. When you have a guest, first of all you offer him this sweet, accompanied by a glass of water. This is called kerasma, offering something.
This beautiful tradition can become yours too, but this sweet recipe can also be reinvented and be blended in your individual recipes!
Made with 100% natural ingredients, no additives, dyes or preservatives.
Composition: Sugar, tangerine peel, lemon juice
Variety AOC / Origin: Chios, Greece
Net weight: 250g
Mandarin is a diuretic fruit, depurative, revitalizing.
Chef’s Council:
At the time of the aperitif, you can use it by chopping tangerine peel, to accompany a hard cheese with a slightly pronounced taste for a sweet and savory appetizer. It’d taste delicious and original!
This also goes with tea, for example an infusion of fliskouni .
Perfect also for cake recipes and especially pies.
Moreover, it can be used in a more original way to accompany meat, especially for Asian recipes!