Dakaki with carob flour Kilikio


Small traditional dry stone pain in carousine flour, sweet croquant, savory salmon, delicate, naturally gluten-free.

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Traditional Cretan dry bun/rusk with carob flour is very crunchy to bite and delicate with a roasted flavor. Besides, Dakaki KiliKio is naturally low in gluten.

Dakaki with carob flour Kilikio

A taste that comes directly from Crete!

Traditional Cretan dry bun with carob flour, very crunchy, delicate roasted flavor, naturally low in gluten.

Composition: Locust bean flour, extra virgin olive oil, Cretan salt flower, natural leaven, black sesame

Variety AOC / Origin: Sfakia, Crete

Net weight: 400g

Carob polyphenols are powerful antioxidants. Carob is rich in protein, magnesium and calcium. It contains vitamins A, C and E.

Chef’s Tips

Use Kilikio dakaki to accompany your salads and spread (tapenade, tzatziki, tarama, hummus, etc.). You can also get the sweet version to make it go with tahini and honey or only honey.
It also goes perfectly with any sort of cheese.