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Kilikio organic fir honey has a pronounced aroma, with notes of toast.

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Kilikio Fir Honey

Get honey with a pronounced aroma and notes of toast.


Kilikio Fir Honey

Kilikio fir honey has a pronounced aroma with notes of toast.

This variety of honey remains liquid for a long time. Its sweetening power is lower than other varieties.

Unlike many varieties of honey obtained from a flower’s nectar, Kilikio black spruce honey is made from honeydew—an excretion produced by aphids living on conifers (fir pectin, spruce, and white fir).

Composition: 100% pure honey without filtration and unheated

Variety AOC/Origin: Parnassos mountain

Net weight: 280g

Chef’s Tips

Our favorite dessert: Greek yogurt (ewe/goat from Lesbos Island, for example) and a generous spoon of Kilikio’s honey.