Orzo Seafood Without Eggs


Durum wheat pasta with crustaceans and cuttlefish ink, in the shape of a grain of rice, to cook very easily in the manner of a risotto, accompanied by a fish or seafood.

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Orzo seafood without eggs
Presenting to you durum wheat pasta with crustaceans and cuttlefish ink. This pasta is available in the shape of a grain of rice and cooks as easily as a risotto. Once cooked, this pasta can be accompanied with fish or seafood.

With these delicious pastas, you will bring traditional Greek seafood recipes to your kitchen.

Kritharaki is small-sized traditional durum dough. A must in Greek cuisine, this pasta variety is shaped like a grain of rice. In Italy, this pasta variety is called orzo.

Dolopia, located in Domokos, creates this pasta variety with high-quality durum wheat. (The durum wheat belongs to Mavragani variety.) The producer of this pasta variety adds crustacean broth and cuttlefish ink that complement the overall taste. Then, dry the pasta naturally in the air without adding salt or additives.

The production of this pasta variety is done slowly and in small quantities. This way, Dolopia’s pastas always have excellent taste. The shape and texture of the dough are made in a way that it absorbs sauces quickly.

Composition: Durum wheat, semolina, shellfish broth, cuttlefish ink
Variety AOC/Origin: Domokos, Greece
Net weight: 500g

Crustaceans are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and protein. The cuttlefish ink helps in the production of white blood cells, which boost the immune system; it also contains iron, proteins and lipids.

Semolina and durum wheat contain vitamin B and dietary fibers. They allow a sense of satiety.

With no salt or cow’s milk, this product is an excellent dietary alternative to traditional pastas.

Note: Kritharaki contains gluten

Chef’s council
Kritharaki with crustaceans is cooked like a risotto. While cooking kritharaki, you can add fresh vegetables. Plus, you can even accompany this pasta dish with seafood such as fish.

You can also cook this pasta variety in an oven with squid.

Cooking kritharaki with water is simple. For example, try a fillet of fish with extra virgin olive oil, organic lemon juice, lemon zest, Greek herbs, or fresh cheese.
A glass of white wine will be a fine addition to kritharaki with cuttlefish ink.