Orzo ​​with Cuttlefish Ink


Durum pasta in squid ink, in the form of rice grain, to cook very easily in the manner of a risotto, accompanied by a fish or seafood.

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Orzo with cuttlefish ink
With a unique and delicious scent of cuttlefish ink, this traditional pasta will bring new flavors into your kitchen.


Kritharaki is a traditional small durum wheat pasta that is shaped like a grain of rice. It is called orzo in Italy.

Dolopia, located in Domokos, creates this Mavragani-based variety of pasta with high-quality durum wheat. Once the pasta is formed, cuttlefish ink is added to it. Afterward, it is left to dry naturally in the air without adding salt or additives.

The production of this pasta variety is done slowly and in small quantities. This way, the producer makes sure that the end result is excellent. The shape and texture of the dough are prepared in such a way that they absorb the sauces better.

The scent of this Kritharaki with the cuttlefish ink is one-of-its-kind and will delight the taste buds as well as the eyes of the beholder. This pasta range has a shiny black color that lends a mesmerizing effect to the overall dish once it is cooked.

With these pastas on your kitchen countertop, you can discover and invent many new recipes based on seafood or fresh vegetables.

Composition: Durum wheat, semolina and cuttlefish ink
Variety AOC/Origin: Domokos, Greece
Net weight: 500g

The cuttlefish ink helps in the production of white blood cells, which boost the immunity system. It also contains iron, proteins and lipids.

Semolina and durum wheat contain vitamin B and dietary fibers, and provide a sense of satiety as well.

With no salt or cow’s milk, this product is an excellent dietary alternative to traditional pasta.

Note: Kritharaki contains gluten

Chef’s council
The Kritharaki with squid ink can be used to cook delicious seafood. Cook this pasta variety like a risotto; for example, add prawns or scallops to it for making a tasty Italian dish.

This pasta variety can also be used as an alternative to traditional pasta; this pasta is simple to cook and uses water.
It can be cooked using a fillet of fish and an extra touch of virgin olive oil, organic lemon juice, some lemon zest, and Greek herbs.