Red pepper and grape sauce


Pepper sauce, tomato and raisins. Ingredients 100% natural, without dyes, without preservatives, without additives.

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Red pepper and grape sauce
Pepper sauce, tomato and raisins. Ingredients are 100% natural and organic and there are no dyes, preservatives, or additives mixed
Red pepper and grape sauce. Organic product
Soon a classic of your kitchen!

In Florina, where the Naoumidis family is located, peppers are very famous for their exceptional taste. They are cultivated at altitude, in a very dry microclimate, using traditional techniques. Nowadays, more modern techniques are used to protect their flavor and the biodiversity of the place.

This sauce is a delicious combination of pepper, a hint of acidity and sweet taste of grapes, tomato, and of course the scent of a hint of basil. It’s the perfect balance!
Usable in a multitude of recipes, since it is very original. This sauce is always a success!
The ingredients are 100% natural and organic, and no preservatives, dyes or additives have been used.

Composition: Red peppers, tomato, molasses of grapes, basil, extra virgin olive oil, spices.
Variety AOC / Origin: Florina, Greece
Net weight: 260g

Pepper has antioxidant properties and a contribution of vitamins A and C.
Tomato, helps reduce bad cholesterol and cardiovascular events.
The grape drains toxins and improves blood circulation.
Basil acts as an antioxidant and antibacterial.

Chef’s Council
Perfect for an aperitif, with our dakaki or as “dip” for our kritsini.. We advise you to associate it with a goat’s milk cheese, such as galomizithra.

This sauce will be delicious with rice , quinoa, couscous… to accompany fish or meat in a sweet and savory recipe.

A recipe idea: Peppers/raisins, the “couscous” of Antonopoulos, some pieces of dried figs mixed with small raisins of Corinth, a little piece of galomizithra cheese from Crete, and a drizzle of olive oil extra virgin. A delight!