Red Pepper Chili Smoked Flakes


Chili Pepper Smoked Flakes

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Red pepper chili smoked flakes


Producer Daphnis & Chloé organize their harvests to protect biodiversity.
Through responsible, organic cultures, they keep the aromas and medicinal properties of plants intact.
Bukovo or chili pepper represents the essence of the phrase “herbs.” Almopia, located in northern Greece, is one of the few areas where the production of “Bukovo” and a Mediterranean spice is done. These spices are, then, used with a local variety of red peppers. The remote Greek villages of Garefi and Ksifiani are reputable producers of this Balkan vegetable that is used by locals to make a smoky, sweet and delicately spicy blend that is a very popular ingredient in the surrounding area, but almost unknown elsewhere.

Composition: Flaked red pepper chili
Variety AOC / Origin: Almopia, Greece
Net weight: 65g

Chef’s Council
It will be a perfect partner for goat cheese (or you can even try with our xigalo). For grilled meats, especially lamb, it can, of course, season a salad—especially if it contains fresh cheese.
Associated with garlic, this herb will be valuable for roasting potatoes. Or in a winter evening, you can sprinkle this herb over pasta that is cooked using virgin oil, garlic, and cheese chips. With this red pepper flake, your dish will get a unique, pleasant aroma..
That is why it is an exceptional product that is a must-have in your daily kitchen.