Wafer with strawberry and walnuts


Strawberry and walnut wafer, produced only with natural ingredients, without dyes, without preservatives.

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Wafer with strawberry and walnuts
This strawberry and walnut wafer has been prepared only with natural ingredients; without any dyes, or preservatives.
Wafer with strawberry and walnuts
Perfect to offer with tea or lunch break. This treat will please everyone! Kids love it!
These traditional wafers are composed of two thin layers of wafers in the middle of which is a tasty fruit paste with strawberry and nuts, whose scent evokes childhood and greed.
The producer Citrus is based at the island of Chios. Known since ancient Greece for its cultures, especially the masticha, Chios is renowned for its expertise in cultivating delicious sun-drenched fruit.
More dietary than the usual treats for children, this product is made with 100% natural ingredients, without any preservatives, additives or dyes.
This wafer is a perfect gift idea, with its beautiful illustrations and elegant packaging!
Composition: Strawberry, sugar, water, waffle (wheat flour, starch, salt), walnuts, lemon juice
Variety AOC/Origin: Chios, Greece
Net weight: 70g
The strawberry is tonic and remineralizing, depurative and detoxifying, and its calorie intake is low. The nut is antioxidant and rich in protein.
Chef’s Council
Perfect little snack for walks, school snack, or lunch break!