Greek Food Grocery Store

KiliKio brings you its own range of the finest Greek food products including Olive Oil, Honey, Confined Fruits to Dakos, Marmalades and many more. Each of our products is carefully chosen for its authenticity, being organic, innovative, and handcrafted with care. They are processed through mild natural methods, with care for the environment as well as the health of the final consumers.

Our online store is full of excellent products including condiments, Dakos, olive oil, spoon sweets, dried fruits, wafers, honey, pasta, tahini and a variety of herbs. Handpicked from the rich biodiversity of Greece, each of our food items promises extensive health benefits. Whether be it sea, mountains or greens, they all take turns throughout the country. This biodiversity helps the soils and plants to populate the land of Greece extremely.

The Greek products and their authenticity

The number of fruits and plants that help produce organic herbs, spices, and sweet jarred dishes is truly amazing. Chefs have been using these Greek food products for their creations over many generations. Be it olive oil or honey, dried fruits or marmalades, they are all essential to cuisines of any ethnicity.

You want to show your cooking skills and impress the guests or change your menu on a usual weekend, we are here to help you bring newness and authentic taste in your food as we offer ingredients that can truly make the difference. If you have ever traveled to Greece during summertime or springtime, you would have had found it filled with wild exotic aromas and balsamic scents. Greece has always been believed to be an open-air Greenhouse, put by nature at men’s disposal.

A limited range of organic Greek food products

We have been selling authentic Greek food products for quite a time now. We are although a Paris based out e-store, serving to the kitchens of Paris, the U.S, and the U.K, however, our products are carefully handpicked and packed under expert supervision. We understand that each land has its individual, authentic delicacy, what must not lose its ethnic scent. Trust us when we say, our KiliKio Greek food products are to perfectly blend in with your cuisine.

About order shipment and delivery

Our store holds a large selection of products, fitting the demands of anyone who seeks good taste. About our technical support and service, your orders are shipped immediately as the payment method is confirmed by the merchant. Depending on the time-zone (you have placed the order in) and physical distance, the shipment may vary from one to another, but we promise you a smooth and quick delivery with all the checks and controls.

A few of our products and their product specification with health benefits are as follows:

  • Cretan extra virgin olive oil Bonum Terrae

This Olive oil is extracted from green olive, using a cold extraction of 18/20°C

Cretan extra virgin olive oil Bonum Terrae is extracted from olive in veil color, the first olive of the year, of the variety koroneiki. All are handpicked and cold-pressed within hours of harvest.

Composition: Extra virgin olive oil

  • Variety AOC / Origin: Koroneiki olives, Cretan
  • Capacity: 500 ml


  • Anti-cholesterol, anti-hypertension,
  • Orange Honey Kilikio

A fruity, delicate taste with citrus notes

KiliKio orange honey tastes plummy and delicate, with citrus notes. Its texture is smarmy and it looks golden and transparent.

Composition: 100% pure Honey

  • Variety AOC / Origin: Lakonie
  • Net weight: 280g